Chesapeake Weight Loss Aesthetics

Sometimes weight loss and exercise are just not enough. Many people are frustrated by stubborn fat in areas like the abdomen, flanks and thighs, and are unhappy with their appearance despite a healthy body weight. People have genetic and hormonal influences that make some areas resistant to weight loss efforts. No amount of exercise will achieve “spot reduction” of these trouble areas.

Until now, the doctors at Chesapeake Weight Loss have been reluctant to recommend body shaping or contouring devices because of concerns about issues such as ineffectiveness, lack of permanence, pain, small treatment areas, expense, and lack of any available device for patients who still carry some extra weight. Most devices designed to treat localized fat cannot be used in patients with a body mass index (BMI) over 30, the obesity threshold. They are recommended for patients at or near their ideal body weight. VANQUISHME changes all that.

VANQUISHME, the new Maximal Energy version of the Vanquish Radiofrequency device, is the world’s most advanced system for body shaping and circumferential reduction of abdomen and thighs. It represents the only contactless selective RF technology available, and targets the largest treatment area in a single session.

The VANQUISHME device focuses the energy at a point about 1cm below the skin. Fat preferentially holds the energy by providing more resistance than high water tissues like skin and muscle. The fat is heated to the point of cell death while the skin remains only warm. Then, over the next few weeks the body flushes out the dead cell debris decreasing the fat layer. Most people should plan on 4 weekly treatments and can count on losing an average fat depth of over half a cm, which translates to about 2 inches off the waist circumference. The trunk treatments last 45 minutes, while the thigh treatments are 30 minutes per thigh.

Chesapeake Weight Loss is also adding CELLUTONE (targeted acoustic wave technology) for reducing the appearance of cellulite, another common source of frustration for patients. The doctors are very excited about the synergism provided by using CELLUTONE after the VANQUISHME treatment to increase the number of fat cells that are destroyed and to smooth the texture of the soft tissue in the area. CELLUTONE improves the VANQUISHME results so significantly that the doctors have decided to add it free to every VANQUISHME treatment, so no one misses out on this benefit.

It is important to note that body shaping devices are not a substitute for weight loss and do not improve health. By killing fat cells in one area, they can improve a person’s appearance, but if the weight remains the same, the fat deposits throughout the rest of the body will slightly increase in compensation. If a person has treatment with some of the older technologies and then gains weight, this can result in a depression or deformity in the small treatment areas compared to the surrounding areas, creating an unsightly “cobblestone” effect. Fortunately, VANQUISHME has a large treatment area and a feathering effect at the edges, so that irregularity does not occur, and this is why it can be used on people who are not able to reach that elusive ideal body weight. VANQUISHME, as a radiofrequency heating device, also does not cause the rare but important side effect that can occur with freezing devices such as CoolSculpt, paradoxical adipose hyperplasia, a reactionary enlargement of the treated fat.

Candidates for treatment with VANQUISHME and CELLUTONE include anyone who can pinch an inch of superficial fat, but the technology cannot be used on anyone who is pregnant, dehydrated or ill, or who has metal implants anywhere near the treatment area. VANQUISHME is also specifically designed for optimal fat treatment, so it provides only a little skin tightening. Other machines, such as the BTL EXILIS are more appropriate for people with skin laxity.


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