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Chesapeake Weight Loss & Aesthetics wants to help you reveal your real self.  Our team is passionate about health, and we want you to look as good as you feel. Serving men and women in Chesapeake, Virginia, and the greater Hampton Roads region, the practice approaches weight loss with your health and wellness as the central focus and also offers proven, effective aesthetic services at affordable prices.

This isn’t a weight loss clinic touting miracle “cures,” quick-fix solutions, or extreme diet and exercise plans. Weight loss services are delivered from a scientifically based perspective, with a focus on defining a clear set of goals and working toward reaching those markers in a manner that is sustainable and healthy. 

Under the enthusiastic leadership of Rachel Chastanet, MD, Chesapeake Weight Loss & Aesthetics offers a team approach to the growing problem of obesity. Dr. Chastanet is a firm believer in the importance of a healthy weight in supporting a long and fulfilling life. She is dedicated to preventing and treating disease through personalized care. 

At Chesapeake Weight Loss & Aesthetics, you have access to a team of skilled medical professionals with the experience and training to help you lose weight and enhance your overall health and wellness. Services are provided from a holistic perspective that takes into account all areas of your life, including your emotional health and your relationship to food and nutrition in general. 

You’ll receive one-on-one guidance and support to help you take control of your weight and all other aspects of your health. At no point will you be pressured into vitamin injections, oxygen therapy, hormone replacement therapy, IV hydration, oxygenated water, or anything else that has neither scientific backing nor FDA approval. 

Chesapeake Weight Loss & Aesthetics also offers some of the latest medical aesthetic services. Dr. Chastanet understands that there is a great deal of truth to the idea that looking your best translates to feeling your best. From body sculpting to botulinum toxins, dermal fillers, and laser skin rejuvenation, you have access to the best aesthetic treatments on the market. 

If you’re ready to take the next step toward enhancing your health, losing excess weight, and feeling great about the way you look, schedule an appointment to meet the team at Chesapeake Weight Loss & Aesthetics. From the moment you walk through the doors, you’ll see what makes this such a special place.

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