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What Is a Professional Skin Care Line? And why is Epionce Special?

Professional-strength skin care lines are sold exclusively in medical settings, such as dermatology practices, medical spas and by physician-supervised aestheticians. Epionce has partnered with trained skin experts since the launch of its very first product, because CEO and founder Dr. Carl Thornfeldt has always believed it’s essential that patients and skin care experts work together to create the perfect regimen for their unique skin and skin care goals. Epionce is unique in the number of head-to-head studies showing superior results to some traditional products.

Physician-based skin care differs from the products you see in drugstores and beauty retailers in a few ways:

Only authorized skin care professionals in medical offices are allowed to sell these products.

Products may feature higher concentrations of ingredients to target common skin concerns.

Trained skin professionals assemble customized regimens for each patient’s specific skin concerns and long-term goals.

If you’re shopping for skin care, please come into our clinic for your free professional consultation,  so we can assist you in choosing the best product to achieve your skin care goals. You also have the option to shop our products online once you know what works best for your needs.

Margot Wilson, RN MSN, FNPC Aesthetic Provider at Chesapeake Weight Loss & Aesthetics

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