Patient Success Stories


George's Medical Weight Loss Transformation

(Before & After)

(Before & After)

"Dr. Rachel and her staff are amazing! They have guided me through my weight loss journey and I couldn't be more pleased"

- George Christian


Julia's Medical Weight Loss Transformation

(Before & After)

"Julia says we changed her life."


Andrea's Medical Weight Loss Transformation

(Before & After)

"I was gradually gaining weight, then I was sidelined by foot surgery with a 6-month recovery, then covid hit! I knew I had gained too much weight. I felt terrible.  I was diagnosed with asthma, pre-diabetes, arthritis in my knees. My reflux medication had to be increased and I had sleep apnea. I was very unhappy and physically uncomfortable.  Then I saw a picture of myself!! I was mortified! It didn't even look like me, did it? Yes, it did. I had been burying my head in the sand!

I needed help and I found it at CWL Clinic. The staff was extremely professional, efficient, thorough and friendly. The first picture is me a month before I started. The second and third are recent.  I am at my goal weight, down about 60 lbs. and over 10 inches off my waist. But what I am most happy about is the fact that I can wear my wedding band again!! Oh, and I no longer have sleep apnea - cured! I am no longer pre diabetic; I'm off my reflux medicine; my knees now trot me up and down stairs with ease and I can bend over to tie my shoelaces without effort. My bloodwork is the best it has ever been, and I have way more energy to enjoy my life!

I couldn't have done it without the wonderful staff of CWL clinic and Dr. Chastanet! Thank you, thank you! You helped me change my life!"

Andrea E



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