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My weight has been an issue for a long time, but when I was younger, I could control it by doing a lot of exercise. Whenever I became too busy or injured to exercise a lot, my weight would go up. The worst struggles were with pregnancies. I gained over 80 lbs. with the third one, and it was very hard to get any of it back off. As I aged, even lots of exercise and being hungry almost all the time wasn’t enough. Changing to low carbohydrate eating made all the difference, not only in losing and keeping weight off, but in how happy (not hungry) my life is.

Rachel I. Chastanet, MD, FACP



(Before & After)

John was a normal weight toddler, but when he was 5, he learned how to play video games and get his own food out of the cabinets…and steal his big brothers’ Halloween candy. I was deployed in Iraq as he started Kindergarten, and I came home to find that he had put on 20 pounds in less than a year. We tried keeping him active and limiting the junk food, but it just wasn’t enough. Eventually we took all the simple carbs out of the house, and stopped nagging. Instead we just modelled good eating and activity behavior. Eventually he decided that he wanted to lose weight, and set his mind to eating less and exercising more. He says that he figured out that every minute he was hungry was a minute he was getting skinnier. He lost 55 lbs. over about 8 months. Now he eats a diet with lots of protein and very few simple carbohydrates or sugars.


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