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Why Do Patients Love EmSculpt NEO? 

Radiofrequency has been added to the legacy EmSculpt platform creating a new device, EmSculpt NEO. Our patients can now relax knowing that their body sculpting treatments are even more effective with optimal results in as little as 6 sessions per area.

EmSculpt NEO is the first FDA-cleared procedure that obliterates fat cells and helps to build muscle by combining Radiofrequency heating and High Intensity Electromagnetic (HIFEM) waves into a single treatment.

By combining these 2 technologies treatments into one solution, EmSculpt NEO provides results far beyond other body sculpting devices on the market today. Sessions last only 30 minutes and require no surgery or downtime.  



This month you will receive $500 off any Emsculpt Neo package! Don't let flab and stubborn fat keep you from realizing the contours of your daydreams.