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Pre And Post Bariatric Surgery

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Bariatric surgery is a great solution for many, but the steps you take before and after your procedure can have a significant impact on your success. At Chesapeake Weight Loss & Aesthetics, Rachel Chastanet, MD, and her team offer pre- and post-bariatric surgery care to men and women in and around Chesapeake, Virginia. If you’re thinking about bariatric surgery, or perhaps you had your surgery years ago and need to have your vitamin levels checked or to address weight regain, schedule an appointment to learn how Chesapeake Weight Loss & Aesthetics can help. Setting up your visit takes just moments by phone.

Pre and Post Bariatric Surgery Q & A

What is bariatric surgery?

There are various types of bariatric surgery, but all share the goal of reducing the volume of your stomach. These procedures limit the amount of food you can comfortably consume at once. This helps you lose weight in a swift and steady manner. 

Bariatric surgery can yield outstanding results, but it’s important to prepare for the timeframe leading up to and following your surgery. The team at Chesapeake weight loss can guide and support you as you navigate bariatric surgery. 

Most health insurances that cover weight loss surgery require a trial of medical weight loss first.  We provide clear documentation of your efforts to lose weight without an operation.

How should I prepare for bariatric surgery?

There are a number of steps you can take to improve your chances of success with bariatric surgery. Your surgeon will provide you with specific presurgical instructions. 

Some of the steps you’ll need to take to prepare for surgery include:

  • Decrease the intake of snack foods and carbohydrates.
  • Eat regular meals with protein and avoid grazing.
  • Avoid binge eating and seek counseling for emotional eating.
  • Find a smoking cessation program that works for you
  • Abstain from alcohol
  • Stop taking over-the-counter medications

Some men and women also need to lose weight prior to their surgery, which can be a challenge. Your provider can help you achieve these goals and prepare for the changes that take place after bariatric surgery. 

What should I expect after bariatric surgery?

As you recover from your procedure, you’ll need to adjust to a new way of getting the nutrition you need. You’ll be on a liquid diet in the initial stages to give your body a chance to heal. As you transition to solid foods, you’ll need to adhere to strict guidelines. 

Part of that process involves taking daily supplements to ensure you get the vitamins and minerals you need for optimal health. Because you won’t be able to consume large volumes of food, getting those nutrients through diet alone is not always possible. 

You’ll also need to maintain stable hydration levels throughout each day. This can take some time to get used to, especially if you didn’t drink a lot of water prior to your bariatric surgery. 

As you lose weight, your overall health scenario will change. You may not need the same medications you relied on before your procedure. Your practitioner will work with you to adjust your medications as needed. 

If you’re thinking about bariatric surgery, the team at Chesapeake Weight Loss & Aesthetics can give you the support you need as you prepare for your procedure and adjust to your new way of life. That process begins with a personalized consultation, which you can schedule over the phone.

Medical Weight Loss Seminar

Medical Weight Loss Seminar