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If you’ve tried multiple diets with little success, physician-supervised medical weight loss might offer a better path toward your goals. Rachel Chastanet, MD, of Chesapeake Weight Loss & Aesthetics has helped many men and women from in and around Chesapeake, Virginia, achieve and sustain significant weight loss. Put those skills to work for you today by watching Dr. Chastanet’s Medical Weight Loss Seminar and then call or stop by the office to set up your appointment.

Physician Supervised Medical Weight Loss Q & A

What is physician-supervised medical weight loss?

Physician-supervised medical weight loss is a weight loss approach backed by science. Dr. Chastanet brings three decades of experience as an internist to her practice and is passionate about guiding patients through their weight loss journey. 

As the name implies, this approach provides physician guidance. That means your health remains the central focus from the moment you enter the office through your maintenance phase.

Dr. Chastanet, as a board certified obesity specialist, can help you develop a high protein, low carbohydrate diet that aligns with your lifestyle. While the initial detoxification diet is very restrictive of carbohydrates, the goal is to embrace a healthier way of life that is sustainable over the long term. There is no need to purchase expensive supplements or packaged food, nor do we encourage obsessive calorie counting, or food tracking.

What happens during physician-supervised medical weight loss?

Your initial visit will take two to three full hours. You’ll share the details of your personal and family health history, including your previous diet efforts, and undergo a physical examination. This information helps the doctor know the right course to take in crafting your customized weight loss program. 

During each subsequent visit, you’ll receive education on health topics relevant to your care. That information empowers you to take ownership of your own weight loss path. Your team is here to support and assist you as needed, but the ultimate goal is for you to take the reins and sustain a healthy weight on your own. 

What weight loss tools are available?

In certain circumstances, weight loss medications can play a role in your journey. Dr. Chastanet and her staff are trained and experienced in the use of medications to help you lose weight, and they understand which current medications may be hindering your progress. Click the link for more information on Weight Loss Medications

In addition to our uniquely successful curriculum, derived over more than a decade of research and practical experience, we use a low carbohydrate diet and lifestyle plan with plenty of high-quality protein. Learn more about our low carbohydrate approach here.

As you approach your goal weight, Chesapeake Weight Loss & Aesthetics offers a number of treatments that can refine the contours of your body, improve your muscle mass and address loose or sagging skin. These treatments can help you feel great about how you look, which is an important part of your success story.

Future New Patients! Want to join our Program? 

If our physician-supervised medical weight loss program sounds like something you’d like to try, please follow these 4 steps listed below. 

1. Please start by watching Dr. Chastanet’s Medical Weight Loss Seminar

2. Call your insurance company to make sure you have obesity coverage and obestiy medication coverage .Please make sure you ask your insurance company if these medications are covered by your plan or will require a prior authorization (PA). Medications to ask about are Contrave, Phentermine, Wegovy,Zepbound and Qysmia.

3. There is a one-time program fee of $150 at your initial visit and all other charges will be billed to your insurance. Medical visits are billed as any other office visit with a healthcare provider and are subject to usual copays, deductibles, and coinsurance

4. Once you have completed these steps you can give us a call or you can also stop by the office to set up your appointment. Unfortunately, medical weight loss is not available for on-line booking due to the complexity of insurance coverage and the personalized nature of the visits. 

Medical Weight Loss Seminar

Medical Weight Loss Seminar