The Skinny on Skin Care

Hail to the largest organ in the body... Your skin! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know the first step in a basic skin care routine is daily cleansing. One might ask but with what , can I use soap or do I need a special face cleanser? Washing your face with soap will irritate the sensitive skin of your face, causing redness, inflammation, and contribute to  clogged pores resulting in acne breakouts.  Washing the face with soap can also speed up the ageing process by creating collagen breakdown and leaving behind parched skin.

A good ph balanced facial cleanser is all one needs, it does not have to be expensive as you are merely washing it down the drain so to speak.

The second step is to have both a good mositurizer and a vitamin serum.  This is where I do spend my money. I want a product that is clinically tested. Some examples are Epionce, Alastin, or Skinmedica. Medical grade products offer a higher concentration of grade-A ingredients. Due to the potency of the formula one can use small amounts and still achieve fast significant results. If one purchased an over the counter product, they may have to buy 2-3 bottles to get similar results from the one medical grade mositurizer, hence spending approximately the same amount of money in the end.

I love adding a serum to the moisturizer, whether it is a vitamin C serum, or a B,C, E peptide serum is up to ones discretion. I say try a few out and see which one you like.  Add a few drops to the palm of your hand with a couple drops of moisturizer and apply to the face.

This routine is done twice a day in the morning and before bed . 

Lastly I would add one more step to the morning routine which is an SPF 30 to the face neck and decollete.  I am a make up a girl so I have found my perfect foundation which sports hydration, and SPF 30 in it.  After all beauty is skin deep!

Take care... be kind... stay hydrated and exercise.



Donna Bradshaw MSN, AGPCNP, medical aesthetician Donna is a Nurse Practitioner and aesthetics injection specialist. She has an extensive background in human services ranging from teaching the developmentally challenged to working as an RN with stroke patients and in birthing centers helping bring new lives into the world. She is a Daisy award winner both as an individual and as a lactation team specialist. Deciding to further her studies she went back to school and obtained a Masters degree in nursing and became a certified Adult Geriatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner. She has a zest for life, including nature, hiking, traveling and yoga. Preferring a balance of Holistic and Allopathic medicine, she is certified in Reiki, and is a staunch believer in nutrition and skin care. She is trained in Botox, dermal fillers, peels, micro-needling and the aqua gold facial, and much more. Her mantra is kindness begets kindness.

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